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Ellen, her House and Radio hobby

I'am Ellen S. M. PAREIN-van KOL, my radio amateur callsign is ON6YL(1989)
Born in 1929, married to Henri(1995), no children, pensioner(1989)
Civil Engineer(1956), Mathematician(1958), Lic. Philosophy(1967),
Lic. Sociology(1967) and Dr. in Psychology(1968).
My favourite hobby are garden with my husband, special-cars and Amateur Radio.
Live in HERENT, a small village about 23KM east of Brussels.
Active on VHF/UHF(6M,2M,70CM,23CM and 3CM) in Phone, ATV, SSTV, RTTY
and Packet. Even so listener-in on all HF bands in Phone, CW, SSTV and RTTY.
I enjoy it to made my own electronic equipment.
Member of the BYLC, Commissioner of the UBA and Operator from the National Station ON4UB

Our home

My Radio hobby

My special car

Our weekend house in the wood

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